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Patient care after extractions

ICE IT -- Place an ice pack or cold towels on your face – 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off – for the first 6-8 hours.

DON’T TOUCH -- Keep tongue and fingers away from the extraction site.

BLEEDING – Saliva will be slightly streaked with blood for 1-2 days. If abnormal bleeding occurs, place moist gauze pad over extraction site and bite down for 30-40 minutes. Tea bags also help stop bleeding:  place teabag in hot water for one minute, then bite down on the teabag until the bleeding stops.

DIET – A liquid or soft diet is recommended for 24 hours. Drink lots of fluids.

SWELLING & STIFFNESS – Swelling and stiffness are normal after dental surgery. Apply ice packs or cold towels to reduce swelling.

RINSE MOUTH – Do not rinse mouth until the day after extraction. Rinse mouth with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon salt to a glass of warm water). Repeat several times daily. 

MEDICATION – After dental surgery, it is normal to experience discomfort. If medication is prescribed, take as directed.

NO SMOKING – Do not smoke. If you do smoke, don’t do it for 48 hours following surgery.

STRAWS – Do not use a straw for 48 hours following surgery.

VITAMIN C – It’s true, it promotes healing! Take plenty of Vitamin C before and after your surgery.

CONCERNS – Call our office 248-398-6046 if any undue symptoms develop and we will schedule an appointment for you.

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